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Our new email video tutorial will show you how to avoid unauthorized use of your mailboxes

If you rely on email for running your personal or business correspondence, you should know that your mailboxes are generally subject to potential abuse activities unless you take measures to protect them. One of the most common email abuses is using your email address for sending spam messages on your name, without your knowledge. To prevent such malicious activity from occurring you should make use of an SPF Protection service, ensured by your email provider or host.

The SPF Protection service allows you, as the e-mail address owner, to specify which mail servers the domain of your mailboxes should use to send mail. This way, the abusers trying to use your email to send spamming messages through their mail servers, will not be able to do that. How does that work. Well, the SPF protection is a two-side process requiring both you and the receiver to perform a mail server check for each message sent. All you will need to do is specify some mail sending rules in the domain’s DNS zone that will tell the receiving mail server which is the correct mail server to look for when a message is sent/received from your email. Thus, the recipient of messages from your email address will be able to find out automatically which of them are genuine and which are false.

Setting SPF protection to prevent sender address forgery is visualized for you in our new video tutorial. The set SPF protection video is based on the SPF Protection solution included in the Advanced E-mail Manager of all web hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting. It is a standard simple procedure that could be easily used, with some slight differences, for activating this recommended email service with your particular email/web hosting provider.

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