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How to set custom error pages on your website – follow our video guide!

Often, while your website is online reaping the benefits of your efforts to make it attractive and easy to navigate, some temporary server interruptions or mistyped address actions may prevent your visitors from accessing its pages. In such cases, the server where your site is located will return standard error pages that are not harmonized with the design of your website and notify the visitor in a few not-that-user-friendly words of the temporary issue. With the help of the custom error pages option you have the possibility to set your own temporary web based error notifications, featuring as many details as you deem necessary to help your visitor reach the desired page.

The custom error pages are usually integrated into the web hosting Control Panel provided by your host. If you are not familiar with this tool and how it works, take a few minutes to watch the set custom error pages video we have added to the Video Tutorials section of the NTC Hosting Encyclopedia. The video explains the procedure using the custom error page management interface of the NTC Hosting Control Panel as an example. You will see how to open the Subdomain Manager of the Control Panel, select the domain name that you want to set your custom error pages for and then configure the basic error page types one by one. (Error 400 page, Error 401 page, Error 402 page….).

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