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How to protect your sites againts unauthorized web access. Watch our how-to video!

What if you are planning to launch your website online, but want to make all of its pages or just certain sections like the members’ login page, available to a certain authorized group of users only? In this case you will need to take advantage of the Password Protected Directories service, offered by your host. The password protected directories or areas empower users to limit access to a website or to certain web page within that website, by assigning certain log-in credentials (username and password) for a specific URL to a limited number of users.

The services allows you to grant authorized access to users, by just specifying the login details and destination URL and send them to the users that you wish to have access to the specific password protected directory. That’s it!

If the procedure still sounds complicated to you, take a look at the video tutorial we have shot for you using the Control Panel’s Password Protection Directories section that comes with all web hosting plans by NTC Hosting. See how to define the basic password protection area settings like username, password, protected folder, etc. The set password protection video is available to you as a regular onsite tutorial and as a YouTube movie, as displayed below.


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