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A new how to export a PgSQL database dump file video added to the Encyclopedia

If working with the PostgreSQL software to build the dynamic content platform of your website, you will certainly need to know how to back up your existing databases to protect them against any unsolicited data loss accidents. Getting the knack of this procedure is much easier watching a step by step video tutorial than thumbing through the comprehensive PostgreSQL management manuals. The new export a PgSQL database dump file video will teach you how to open the phpPgAdmin tool and how to create your dump/backup file, using the ‘Export’ function of the tool. To complete the operation, you will see how to save the dump/backup file on your computer.

This new movie further expands the growing set of PostgreSQL database movies, by far represented also by the create PostgreSQL database , create PostgreSQL table and drop PostgreSQL database videos. As with the previous videos, to apply all these steps you will need to have your database hosted on a server and to avail of a PostgreSQL management tool. If you have not thought of obtaining all necessary services for unfolding the potential of PostgreSQL for your online projects, then you may consider the PostgreSQL optimized hosting plans by NTC Hosting.

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