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How to restore a PostgreSQL database from a backup file – watch our video overview

To keep up your database stored website contents intact all the time, you will need to make sure you regularly perform database backup operations. In our previous post you learnt how to create a PostgreSQL database dump file to protect your databases from any possible failures due to external abuse or accidental data loss. The second part of the database backup procedure is restoring the database contents from the backup file. Just like in the previous tutorial post, the main tutorial technique used is a step-by-step video, taking you through all basic backup operations.

Watch the restore PostgreSQL database from backup video to see how you can access the phpPgAdmin tool, locate the dump file of the selected database and import the dump file to your database. Sounds simple, doesn’t it! Well, with a video at hand, things do get simplified a lot even for the database management inexperienced users. Here is the video in a YouTube format:

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