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Learn how to delete a PostgreSQL database (through a video)

Managing your databases is a complex process including a few basic manipulation operations. In our previous posts you were acquainted with the steps for creating a database and a table, if working with PostgreSQL. All instructions were supported by create PostgreSQL database and create PostgreSQL table videos. The creation of a database is closely related to its deletion, in case you do not need the base anymore, or that it has been used for testing purposes only. Whichever the case, you will need to know how to delete your database in a few quick steps.

The new drop PostgreSQL database video will teach you how to open the Control Panel-integrated phpPgAdmin tool, select the unnecessary database and complete the deletion operation. Performing the action suggests that you have a hosting account where your existing databases are located and a PostgreSQL management tool integrated into your Control panel. In case you have not found such a solution yet, take a look at the PostgreSQL optimized hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting.

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