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The series of PostgreSQL videos continues with the how to create a PgSQL table video

As a follow-up to the previous post about creating a PostgreSQL database (supported by a create PostgreSQL database video), let’s get into the next most important PostgreSQL management operation, setting up the building units of your newly created database – the PostgreSQL tables. The newly added video tutorial will guide you through the basic steps of creating a new PostgreSQL table. Check out how to access the phpPgAdmin tool integrated into your Control Panel, select the database you want to create a table for and then specify the new table parameters, including table name, number of table columns, column name/type/length, etc.

The create PostgreSQL table video is now available to you through its dedicated large-screen video page and through its YouTube version, embedded in this post.

If you, as a PostgreSQL user, have not found a good solution for hosting your database driven websites yet, you may consider the PostgreSQL optimized hosting plans by NTC Hosting (Value, Plus, Exclusive). All of them come with a Control Panel integrated PostgreSQL database manager, equipped with all necessary features for creating and managing your advanced database-built hosting platform.

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