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See how to log into your email account from anywhere in the world using webmail

Using a webmail client to open your email accounts is a really flexible way to run uninterrupted email communication from any single Internet enable device in the world. In contrast to the regular free webmail applications like MSN and Yahoo, offering just the basic email management options like send, receive, attach, etc., the paid email hosting solution will provide you with a fully featured web-based interface to control your email communication from wherever you are.

To make use of the webmail access functionality offered by your host, you will need to know what webmail software your host provides and how you can open your mailboxes using it. The new log into webmail video will illustrate for you all basic steps for opening your mailboxes through a webmail client of your choice. The example given is based on the webmail functionality integrated into the Control Panel coming with the web hosting plans with NTC Hosting.

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