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Want to reach all of your customers or community members at a time? Watch our video on how to create a mailing list

If intending to run a community website or to manage an e-commerce store you will definitely need to take advantage of a mailing list service. In either case your community members or customers will need to receive information about important events or special offers. With a mailing list in action you will have the possibility to send your notifications or brochures to multiple recipients at a time. How do you set up a mailing list? Well, the procedure is really easy. See for yourself by watching the new create mailing list video added to the series of email tutorials on our website.

The video will take you through all the steps of the mailing list creation procedure. You will see how to access the Mailing List section of your web hosting Control Panel and specify and edit the new mailing list settings such as new mailing list address, administrative password, administrator email, etc.

If you have not found a suitable mailing list solution for your mass-mail campaigns, you may consider the email optimized web hosting plans by NTC Hosting. The plans support the Majordomo mailing list software and will allow you to set up between one and unlimited mailing lists within one account.

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