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How to keep the traffic flow to your updated site through URL Redirection. Check it out in our new video!

If you need to change the current web address of your site or any of your pages, there is one crucial action you should take Рredirect the traffic to the new URL. This is where you need a URL redirection service at hand. URL redirection is extremely helpful in informing your site visitors and the search engines of an address change, by redirecting them automatically to the new one. This will help you preserve the relevance of the incoming links to your websites.

To demonstrate you how you can set URL redirection to your site we have shot a video tutorial for you, using the URL redirector interface integrated into the NTC Hosting Control Panel. Below you can follow the YouTube version of the video. The set URL redirection video will show you how to access the URL redirect interface, select a redirection method (Redirect Directive or Redirect Match Directive), specify the domain you want to set redirection for, select a redirection type and finally – type the URL that you want your domain to be redirected to.

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