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How to create a file or folder through the File Manager tool provided by your host

Working with files has turned into a daily task for many site owners today. We say site owners, cause with the help of user-friendly software tools widely distributed online, file manipulation operations have become a breeze for non-experienced users too. An example we could give is the File Manager tool integrated into the web hosting Control Panel by NTC Hosting. To make your work with the user-friendly tool even easier, we added a new video to our collection of tutorials. The video named How to create a file or folder through the File Manage gives some key directions in creating new empty documents or folders with simple point and click actions.

Here is a summary of the file creation steps:

1. Log into your web hosting Control Panel

2. Go to the File Manager panel

3. Learn how to create new files/folders

4. Check the supported file/folder manipulation options

If you find this video useful, you may want to also check our video tutorial on how to copy files/folders from the same file management video series.


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