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Uploading files through your Control Panel is a breeze with our new video tutorial. Take a look!

When your website is ready to go online, you have two basic ways to upload its files on the web – using a regular FTP client or taking advantage of the file management interface provided by your host. While communicating with your web server over an FTP connection gives you a great flexibility and freedom in transferring your data online, the file management tool offers an intuitive experience for the less experience users, giving them total control over their files with just a few clicks of the mouse.

With the help of the various usable File Manager tools available on the web today, now every user with basic-level technical skills can upload and unpack zipped folders with ease. To show you how this is usually done, we have shot a detailed video tutorial taking you through all steps of the upload/unzip file procedure. The upload-unzip files video uses the File Manager interface of the web hosting Control panel by NTC Hosting to teach you how to upload your projects from your computer to the server where your website will be located.

See how to access the tool, browse to the to-be-uploaded files, use the Unpack archive after upload option to unzip your files if necessary, keep track of the upload process, etc. and leave it running while you continue with some other important work on your website until the files are uploaded and unzipped in full. The video is also available in a YouTube format:

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