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How to set an email auto-responder through your Control Panel – check the procedure out in our new video tutorial

Using an email auto-responder service for your mailboxes is one of the greatest marketing features integrated into your email hosting plan. With an auto-responder option in action you can attend to any incoming message immediately, even if you are currently unable to respond, and thus keep in touch with your friends or customers anytime. This service offers great customization options, so you can design your own response message that fits your particular needs. How does this service work?

The procedure, illustrated for you in this set email auto-responder video, is simple indeed. See how to open the Email Manager section of your Control Panel, select the mailbox you want to set the service for and then compose the auto-responder message. Shown is also the possibility to edit the existing auto-responder settings.

To activate an email auto-responder for your mailboxes, you will need to have operating email accounts. Take a look at the fully featured email optimized web hosting plans by NTC Hosting, in case you haven’t found an email hosting solution yet.

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