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See how to secure your e-commerce pages in our CSR request generation video

When initiating an e-commerce presence, you will no doubt be faced with the matter of security. Since you will be processing credit card payments over the Internet, ensuring a secure transmission of your customers’ payment details must by a top priority task for you. Today, the most popular and safest way to secure the data transfer between your customers and your order page is using an SSL certificate.

An SSL Certificate installed on your website allows for sensitive information encryption, protecting your online customers’ personal (address, birth date, license/ ID numbers) or billing (credit/ debit card numbers) details from any act of online abuse. In addition, each SSL Certificate contains specific authenticated information about you, as a certificate owner, which is verified by a special trusted Certificate Authority. This creates a trustworthy image of your online store, fostering the credibility of your brand in the eyes of your customers and site visitors.

To get an SSL certificate installed on your website, you will need to generate a CSR request with a Certificate Authority first. This is a quick procedure, demonstrated for you in our generate CSR certificate video. The video takes you through all basic steps of the procedure, from logging into your web hosting Control Panel (we use the NTC Hosting Control Panel as an example) to filling out the CSR generation form, submitting the application and viewing or downloading it. The video is also available in a YouTube format:


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