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A how to create MySQL table video tutorial now available online

Database tables store all the dynamic information presented or used on your website. To start working with tables you will need to be familiar with basic management operations such as creating a table, inserting data into a table, etc. If you are planning to use MySQL for your website, the leading database software solution for individual and small business sites, you will need to first learn how to create a MySQL database, a procedure we covered for you in our previous MySQL-dedicated post, supporting it with a video. Only after you get your database created, you will be able to add separate tables to it and fill it in with contents.

To help you learn how to easily create MySQL tables, we have shot for you a create MySQL table video, available as both an HD version uploaded on our website and as a YouTube movie, which you can see displayed below. The video goes through all basic steps for setting up a table from the phpMyAdmin tool, easily accessible from your Control Panel. See how to define the new table’s parameters such as name and number of fields, as well as the separate field settings such as names, length, collation, attributes, etc.

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