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A new video: How to create a mailbox through your Email Manager interface

One of the key differences between using webmail and regular desktop email applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. to access and manage your mailbox is that with the latter option you have the possibility to work with your email messages in offline modes. This is due to the option to create and manage POP3/IMAP email accounts provided by your email hosting company. With the POP3 server activated for your account you can download your emails from the server and handle them the way you like offline, while the more advanced IMAP server option allows you to keep copies of your messages both on the server and on your computer and thus work with them in both online and offline modes.

The incoming server type you need will be defined by your particular demands. Generally, it will be better to use the IMAP server type, since it will keep copies of your emails in two places for security reasons. Check out our new create POP3/IMAP email account video that takes you through all the steps of setting up your email addresses, supporting both incoming server types. Also check our log into webmail video if you by some change need to access your newly created mailboxes via webmail. Both movies are based on the email services included in the web hosting Control Panel by NTC Hosting.

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