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A new file manipulation tutorial on how to copy folders through your Control Panel-integrated File Manager

File manipulation is a key operation as far as website development and management are concerned. Working with your website files you will certainly need to transfer them to the server where your site will be hosted, or move them to another location on the server, or copy them for backup services, etc. In our file management related previous post you saw a detailed description of the file upload procedure in the form of a video tutorial. Now let’s look at the copy files procedure, also supported with a video.

The new copy copy file/folder video is focused on the main steps of another common file manipulation operation. You will see how to log into the File Manager tool of your web hosting Control Panel (the video uses the NTC Hosting File Manager as an example), browse to the folder that you want to copy, specify the destination path where you wish to copy the folder to and initiate the copy process.

You can see the video in an HD format featured in the Video Tutorials section of our Encyclopedia – under the Web Hosting Control Panel category.


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