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See how to add a TXT record to a domain or subdomain (a video tutorial)

The DNS management rights assigned to you by your web hosting provider play a key part in reaching a high level of control over your web presence. The number of custom DNS records you are allowed to edit may vary between hosts. While most of the records are responsible for the operational side of the DNS management process, there also universal records like the custom TXT records that are for used for informative purposes exclusively. Although not as popular as the other common DNS records, the TXT records may be really helpful in managing your domain settings. For instance, setting TXT records for your domain you can protect your email address from being involved in the delivery of fake spam messages.

If wondering how to set this record to your domain, take a few minutes to watch our new add TXT record video, another video added to the set of DNS management tutorials. See how to open the Custom DNS Records section of your Control Panel and register a custom TXT record, by specifying the desired TXT record and TTL values.

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