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How to automate your routine site management tasks (a cron job activation video included)

With automated devices like the coffee machine and the dishwasher, we can now focus efforts on more of the important tasks that our daily routine is loaded with. If you have a website under your control, you probably know that such ‘devices’ are needed there too, to automate the repetitive tasks and let you focus on your online marketing strategies. These site management task automators are called cron jobs. Cron jobs can be used for anything from simple daily actions like sending an email notification to your employees or customers each morning to system admin commands like running a backup script for your online projects.

Take a quick look at this video tutorial on how to activate cron jobs to see how you can create your own automated tasks from the web hosting Control Panel. Learn how to access your Control Panel, define the command that will be executed, the time interval at which it will be executed (hours, days, weeks, etc.), specify the email address where all crontab execution reports will be sent to, etc. This is all done with simple point & click actions from the user-friendly Crontab Manager interface of the NTC Hosting Control Panel.

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