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A how-to video on activating anti-spam protection for your emails now online

Protecting your mailboxes against any embarrassing spamming activity on the web must be a priority task for each website owner. Using the anti-spam tools offered by your host can help you control the spam messages stream to your website the way you like. Some of the tools worth mentioning are the spam filters, allowing you to set pre-defined incoming message filtering for any of your mailboxes, and anti-spam protection service, offering the possibility to set a certain protection level for each mailbox. The first tool was demonstrated in our set email spam filters video.

Now you can see a new video, showing you how to make use of the anti-spam protection service for your mailboxes. See how to open the Email Manager of your web hosting account, select the mailbox that you want to protect, set the protection level (Very Low, Low, Medium, High and Very High), and select a protection action (to delete a spam message or redirect it to a certain email address). The activate Anti-spam protection video is based on the email management interface supported by the web hosting plans by NTC Hosting.

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