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Check out how to set an email spam filter through our new video tutorial!

One of the most efficient methods of protecting your mailboxes against the uncontrollable spamming activity on the web is setting spam filters for each of them. With spam filters in action, you can take full control of your inbox and block any unsolicited spam and malicious content from penetrating your personal e-space. The first movie from our new series of how to email tutorials will show you the basic steps for setting email spam filters to your mailboxes.

The new set email spam filters video will teach you how to configure custom anti-spam filters for your mailboxes, by taking you through all steps of the procedure. You will see how to access the Email Manager of your web hosting account, select a mailbox and define the preferred filter settings including the filter words and area, the filtering condition and action, etc.

If you have not selected your email hosting service yet, you could consider the fully featured email management tool included in the web hosting packages by NTC Hosting.

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