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Watch the new check MySQL database statistics video

Along with basic operations likeĀ create a MySQL database, create a MySQL table and create a MySQL dump file demonstrated in the videos presented to you in our previous posts, a very important side of the database management process is keeping track of your database statistics. Being familiar with the MySQL query activities on your website allows you to control the level of database usage and prevents your sites from any excessive use of database resources that could lead to unsolicited services interruptions.

The new check MySQL database statistics video gives you an overview of how a fully featured MySQL database statistics interface is supposed to look like and what valuable information it should provide. See how to access the MySQL statistics section of your Control Panel and check out the comprehensive table displaying the daily/hourly number of queries made to each database stored in your hosting account. See also how to check the monthly and yearly MySQL statistics for your account.

The movie is based on the MySQL statistics tool integrated into the NTC Hosting Control Panel, providing all the information categories you will need to monitor your database usage efficiently. If you have not found your MySQL hosting solution yet, take a look at the MySQL optimized web hosting packages offered on our website.

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