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Learning to add a custom A record to a domain or subdomain through a video

Having control over your DNS settings is one of the prerequisites for performing efficient website management. One of the most important records is the DNS host record. Changing the A record empowers you to point your domain or host name to a static IP address of your choice and thus direct the web traffic of a website to another location. How is this done? Take a look at our new special video, taking you through the basic steps for adding a custom A record to your host.
To complete the operation you will need to open the Custom DNS Records section of your web hosting Control Panel, select the hostname that you want to set an A record to, input the IP address that your domain or subdomain will point to and edit the TTL value, if necessary. All these actions are demonstrated for you in the add custom A record to domain/subdomain video, presented on a separate page in our Encyclopedia and also available in a YouTube version.

If you need to get more detailed information about how to point your DNS host record, please visit the corresponding article in the DNS section of our web hosting encyclopedia.

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