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What do you know about scripting? Learn more with NTC!

Hello again! We haven’t been with you for a while, but that’s only because we’ve been too deeply focused into developing and enhancing our amazing NTC Hosting Encyclopedia knowledge database! As we promised earlier, there are a lot more pages to come and a lot more new information about internet, web hosting, web programming, website design, database hosting, etc. to learn!

Have you ever wondered, for example, how many programming languages exist and which ones developers mostly use? Well, despite of the typical program solutions, such as C and C++, there are plenty of scripting languages, most of which are open-source products that really make an evolution in web programming and programming as a whole.

Among these, undoubtedly PHP is one of the most widely preferred. With its ability to easily create dynamic web solutions and embed PHP in HTML source code, as well as connect it to different MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, PHP definitely takes the leadership and underlies the basis of numerous web applications highly popular worldwide. Our PHP Scripts Installer sets a good example in how, through a fully automated installation platform, you can easily utilize many different PHP applications ( blog, forum, cms, online album, etc.) to create your own dynamic and interactive PHP website without any developer’s help. PHP hosting, beyond controversy, is one of the basis of web hosting nowadays. The script web hosting plans of NTC Hosting, for example – Joomla Hosting, Moodle Hosting, 4images Hosting, and WordPress Hosting – offer the users the unique possibility to select a preferred PHP web application that suits their online needs, and get a mostly optimized hosting solution that has all the resources needed to run smoothly their PHP script.

Now with the introduction of PHP 4 and PHP 5 versions things really changed. PHP 4 is the first PHP version powered by the Zend Engine. It provides optimized scripting-engine and is presently the most popular and widely utilized PHP version. PHP 5 on the other hand supplies the users with more powerful object-oriented programming features. PHP 5 is also equipped with more stable and fast scripting engine and embedded support for the latest MySQL clients protocol and XML. On the pages of our NTC Hosting Encyclopedia you can learn many more details about PHP, and even details, such as: what is and how to create a PHP string, what is an ionCube Loader – or how to run files encoded with ionCube PHP Encoder, how to make faster your PHP code with the PHP Zend Optimizer, or how to integrate XML in a PHP application using the PHP XML Parser.

NTC web hosting plans support both PHP 4 and PHP 5 and provide an experimental support for the forthcoming PHP 6. Our PHP 4, 5 and 6 versions are also compiled with GD library support, which makes the installation of popular PHP applications, such as Coppermine, Joomla and Gallery2 a way easier. With our PHP-optimized packages you can also not only run all your PHP projects, but extend them using a Perl or a Python based script.

Perl is a very popular programming language. Its advantage is hidden in its exceptional text processing features. Furthermore, as an open source product, Perl also provides a 1000 Perl modules and free scripts supported by the large community of Perl hosting web developers.

Python, with its elegant syntax, is also a very common scripting language. Python’s easiness-to-use and ability to integrate with different SDKs enables the development of many different applications for Windows, Linux, Маc ОS and other operating systems. The popular ImageMagick open source software for creating and editing bitmap images (version 6.2.4 is currently supported by NTC Hosting) can also be utilized with Python through a proper interface (NTC offers Command Line Interface for this purpose).

As you can see the possibilities are innumerous! Learn more details about programming and scripting programming languages from the pages of our encyclopedia. We’ll be with you shortly with the next hosting information encyclopedia chapters coming online soon!

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