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Manage your sites through a quick and reliable FTP Hosting service (Watch video)

With the help of FTP you can easily exchange files between your local machine and the web. By opening automatic connections with your host’s server through the interface of your FTP software, it will be a matter of seconds for your files to reach the desired upload or download destination.

Finding a reliable FTP hosting service is essential for the easy-going transfer of your projects from your desktop to the web or vice versa. An easy-to-use FTP Manager, an option to create multiple independent FTP accounts, a change password functionality, and a stable FTP server environment are the key factors to consider when choosing your FTP hosting provider.

Check out our video guide on finding a reliable FTP hosting service for more details. Learn how to find a host that ensures fast and accurate use of FTP from any Internet connected computer in the world. Check out more on the set of crucial FTP hosting features, including an FTP host address, log-in credentials, and an option to create extra independent FTP accounts via a special Control Panel-integrated FTP Manager, etc.


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