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The specificities of the DNS service

Have you wondered what exactly is the DNS system? How does it work and in what way it concerns your online actions?

As we promised yesterday in our blog posting, today we’ll share with you a few useful details on DNS and its administration. Fully comprehensive information about all aspects of the DNS service you’ll discover on the pages of our NTC Hosting Encyclopedia – a most extensive resource of hosting information.

What stands behind the name DNS – Domain Name System? Why no website can be accessible online without DNS settings and an operational DNS service? Well, this is how it works, it is as simple as that:

The Domain Name System is a special Internet technology that performs the extremely important task of converting domain names into IP addresses.  It is the connector and the transmitter between the domain name of your website and the server on which your website is hosted by your hosting provider. It also navigates the delivery of your email messages, that is – maps the send/receive route of your email service. Well, that’s all quite essential for your online presence isn’t it? The DNS system works actually like an invisible conductor that makes all back-end and front –end sides of your website’s hosting connect smoothly for providing your successful online appearance.

The first thing you need to do when you decide to launch online your own website is register a domain name under which your website will be recognized in the World Wide Web. Second important thing would be – assign to it correct DNS settings (usually given by your hosting provider), since this will set the query route of your website’s URL to the server (mail or hosting server) where your website’s content or emails are hosted. In more simple words, when somebody types in a browser the domain name of your website, the DNS server will quickly translate this domain name into the IP address of your hosting server (hosting servers work with numeric IP addresses only, not with alphabetic domain names) and will make it possible for the visitor to see online the content of your website (hosted on that server).

To setup DNS records (settings) for your domain name is very easy indeed, especially with the services of NTC Hosting. All our clients get a user-friendly DNS management interface incorporated in their web hosting Control Panel , allowing them to configure managed DNS settings – from registering their own NS (Name Servers) to setting custom DNS records. The name servers you register will replace your default DNS, or the two DNS host record servers – Primary DNS / Secondary DNS, that you receive upon DNS registration. The custom DNS records include setting custom MX and A records, setting DNS alias, otherwise known as DNS CNAME Record, etc.

As you can see, the variations and possibilities of the DNS administration are many. All specific details about the DNS server setup , as well as extensive additional information, such as what is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), DNS software, DNS hosting, or DNS forwarding; what do the terms Static DNS, DNS TTL, multiple DNS, DNS Zone stand for; how to use the DNS tools to perform DNS check , DNS lookup, or to make use of the reverse DNS tool – all that and more exceptionally valuable and comprehensive information has been gathered, organized and presented with utmost care to detail and information credibility on the pages of our hosting encyclopedia for all our customers or website visitors drawn by the magnificence and depths of the web hosting knowledge . Information rules! This is our motto and our motivation for providing highest quality web hosting service and outstanding web hosting experience for our customers.

Best Wishes from NTC Hosting and a Happy New Year!

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