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Daily backups will now be stored for up to 30 days

Recently, we increased the daily number of backups to 4 and made data backups browsable from your NTC Hosting Control Panel.

Now we’ve made another key data backup upgrade by extending the period within which backups are kept on our servers to 30 days. This way, you can choose a preferred restore point from the last 30 days and restore you website back with a click of the mouse.

Apart from extending the maximum backup archive period, we’ve also increased the frequency of backups as follows:

Within 3 days back in time – we will keep 4 different daily backups of your data

Between 3 – 10 days back in time – we will keep 1 daily backup of your data

Between 10 – 30 days back in time –  we will keep 2 backups from Monday and Thursday

The data backups will not count against your storage allocation, so you will not have to worry about your resource usage.

You will be able to restore a full backup or just a folder with a click from the NTC Hosting Control Panel.

The new backup service is valid for all web hosting packages and semi-dedicated servers.

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