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A WordPress hosting plan for your dynamic content driven website

WordPress is a favourite platform for personal or business blogging and for maintaining regularly updated corporate websites. Combining the functionalities of a blog and a content management system (CMS) the tool can help you set up your website to an extent that it doesn’t even look like a blog, but a perfectly organized one-of-a-kind website.

Getting the most of WordPress requires some preparation from you like downloading the script onto your PC, installing it on your own server and configuring it to your particular needs. With all-in-one solutions like the WordPress hosting plan you save yourself all the efforts required to get your WordPress copy going online. The plan comes with the script pre-installed online and ready for you to start setting up your blog site, even if you are a complete newbie. Nothing to download, install or pre-configure.

The WordPress hosting plan is backed up with a pack of guarantees, such as full compatibility with the WordPress environment and 99.9% server uptime, which ensures the trouble-free running y of your personal diary or business journal.

Apart from WordPress, this plan gives you the option to install additional PHP scripts through the Popular PHP Scripts Installer, included free of charge in the package. Also, in the plan you can find various universal and country-specific domains for your site, an all-inclusive email service including anti-spam protection, webmail, and many more. Check out the WordPress plan’s benefits and free bonuses in this presentation video:

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