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Some of the key tools included in a fully featured hosting service

Finding a fully featured hosting solution for your web presence is a guarantee to your long-term success online. Since the up-to-date hosting services charge your website with the basic and supplementary resources they need to operate online (disk space, data transfer, domain, email, file manipulation etc. services) a great part of the features you should expect to find in your host are related to the management of these resources, namely. Here you will find some suggestions for the main web resources management tools your host is supposed to offer as Control Panel integrated features:

Domain Manager – one of the most important tools in your web hosting Control Panel. It allows you to register, transfer and host domains and manage their settings, including custom DNS records, WHOIS management, ID protection, domain parking, and many more.

Subdomain Manager – a very useful tool supplementing the Domain Manager. Through its user-friendly interface, you will be able to set a custom IP address to any of your subdomains, point your subdomain to a certain internal directory, set custom error pages, activate access and error logs, etc.

File Manager – this tool is a true website content management assistant for users with basic-level technical skills. It empowers you to execute file manipulation operations with ease, straight from your Control Panel. You can upload/unzip files and whole directories, edit them through a WSWYG interface and much more.

Email Manager – the main mission of this tool is to centralize all emailing operations for you, providing a fully featured email communication management interface. From your email manager you can create/delete email accounts, set email forwarding, create mailing lists, park domains, configure anti-spam filters, activate email auto-responder service, SPF protection, etc.

You can find all of these tools integrated into the Control Panel coming with all web hosting plans by NTC Hosting.

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