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An eLearning plan for quick and hassle-free setup of your e-school courses

With open-source e-teaching software like Moodle now every teacher can become a master of their own online school. And with all-inclusive packages like the eLearning plan by NTC Hosting making use of Moodle is simple and easy.

This plan allows you to set up your virtual school without bothering to first download the script onto your computer, and then – add it to your host. Sounds simple, isn’t it? The ready made installation of the script saves you¬†technical efforts, time and even money (the installation of Moodle by a technician would normally cost you more than 50 bucks),

The Moodle-dedicated web hosting plan comes with the latest version of the e-learning tool installed and ready for use through a teacher and student friendly Admin Panel. You also get our in-house built Control Panel, where you will be able to easily manage your domain name, e-mail, FTP settings, monitor your e-learning portal statistics, etc. All coming with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee and our 24/7 customer support service.

So if you are already planning to start your online mini-school from scratch, the eLearning plan is the service you need to act now, hassle-free and cost-effectively. Take a quick look at our service overview video for more key details on this fully-featured e-learning package.


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