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Free .UK domain with a plan. TLD can now be registered for 1-10 years. Transfers simplified!

Great news for UK registrants today!

Now you can register .UK domains for 1-10 years. The odd 2-year practice is now gone and you are free to choose your .UK registration period just as you can do with your .COM domain, for example.

Also, the 1-year period introduction has made it possible for us to offer you all of our .UK instances – .CO.UK, .ME.UK and .ORG.UK, for FREE, in combination with a web hosting package.





And that’s not all!

As per registry policy changes, the transfer procedures have been made more straightforward with the authorisation code/ security code requirement cut out completely!

So, from now on, to have your .UK domain transferred over to us, you just need to initiate the transfer and ask your current registrar to update the tag to ours (this can be done before or after the transfer has been actually initiated).

We believe these major .UK changes will help you a lot in building and managing your UK web presence!


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