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Special discounts on special domain TLDs – .SE and .ES

It may sound like a game of words, in our case – a play of TLDs, but it is not :) Although sounding familiar, these two top-level domain names are responsible for representing two huge and totally independent Internet universes – those of the Spanish and the Swedish web communities.

Whether you are from Spain or Latin America, or are just a huge fan of paella and want to show your love through your site Рthen the .ES domain is the site extension to go with. Grab it today from NTC Hosting, for only $17 USD per year.

.ES top-level domain name

And if you are a passionate follower of Swedish music (is it worth mentioning ABBA, Roxette, Europe, etc.?), or are just running a Sweden based or oriented business, the .SE domain name is your site extension. Get it today with NTC Hosting for $40 USD per year.

.SE top-level domain name


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