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How to register your own .WS or .NU domain

In one of our previous posts .WS and .NU – the new rising TLD stars, you were given some more details on the potential that these two country domains hold to become the new top-choice domains of generic value. Getting a .WS (‘ws’ as standing for ‘WebSite’) or .NU (‘nu’ standing for ‘new’) alternative to the .COM domain you want to register is considered a wise choice today. Instead of trying to twist the initally designed first part of your domain until you find a non-occupied .COM option, you could just register any of these universally looking domains and keep your web address the closest possible to its original meaning.
Now you can get your preferred domain name straight away, without wasting efforts to find the right syntax to match your .com choice and spending lots of money for a high-bid domain already registered by somebody else. Appreciating the growing importance of .WS and .NU domains on the web, NTC Hosting now offers you the possibility to register domains with these extensions.
How to register a .WS domain
To get your .WS domain you do not need to match any specific requirements as a registrant. All you will need to do is just specify the syntax of your domain, e.g. yourdomain.ws, and select the number of years you want to register the domain for (between 1-10 years). Your .WS domain will support a WHOIS management option, a domain parking service and a set of Custom DNS Records, just to mention a few.
How to register a .NU domain
Registering your .NU domain is just as easy as getting a .WS option. No particular registration requirements to meet, no complicated application procedures to follow. Simply input the syntax of your .NU domain (e.g. yourdomain.nu) and select the number of years you want to reserve it for (between 1-10 years). With the domain you get a bunch of management options like domain parking, custom DNS records like MX & A Records, domain locking, etc.
Other new domain extensions promising to gain recognition as prime top-choice extensions for both commercial and non-commercial websites include the .IT domains. Their registration procedure, however, includes some extra specific requirements for domain owners to observe, which makes these domains less attractive to the global public. Should the Italian registry simplify the registration steps, the .IT domain will certainly become one of the much preferred generic-value coutnry domains.

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