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Domain backordering – get memorable .COM or .NET domains the moment they expire

We have added a domain backorder option for .COM and .NET to the ‘My Domains’ section of the NTC Hosting Control Panel.

The domain backordering service allows you to attempt to acquire an expired domain name the moment it becomes available for registration.

Using the advanced domain search filters, you can get a list of the expiring domains that you are most interested in. For example, you can specify the number of characters in a domain, whether it should contain letters, numbers or dashes, whether you want it to contain a specific word, or only words featured in the dictionary, etc.

When you place a domain backorder, we’ll start monitoring the domain and try our best to register it for you the moment it is released to the pool of available domains.

There is no guarantee that placing a backorder you will acquire the domain you have requested. This is because domain backordering is a first-come-first-serve process where we might not succeed in obtaining it for you.

To backorder a domain, you will need to deposit $20 USD to your wallet. The amount is non-refundable, so if we do not register the domain for you, you can try to backorder another domain or use the funds for another upgrade service of your choice.

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