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.BE and .AT domains – the country TLDs with a generic value

The domain name market of today is characterized by a great, ever-increasing variety of top level domains, divided into two main categories – generic and country code TLDs. That division has determined the domains in the first category to be for websites targeted at the global audience, while the domains in the second category to have a strictly local value i.e. to serve the sites of individuals or businesses designed for visitors from a particular country/region only.

The global domain use practice, however, has recently shown that more and more country code domains have become widely accessible to users from around the world. This has become possible after the domains registrars liberalized their registration policies and allowed for those domains to be owned by anyone and targeted at audiences from far beyond the boundaries of the countries they were originally assigned to. Examples of such generalized country domains include the .AT and .BE domain extensions.

.AT domains

The official domain name for the republic of Austria -.AT, has been recently known as a very good option for creating catchy domains for advertising and other purposes. Having the syntax of the popular English preposition ‘AT’, this extension can be freely used for forming domain names that contain ‘at’ idioms like ‘arrive.at’, ‘begood.at’ or words ending with ‘at’ like autom.at, form.at, etc.

The .AU domain is open for registration to any person, company or non-profit organization worldwide. The only requirements set by the .AT registry are that individuals must be of age and that organizations/companies must specify their names the way they are legally spelled.

.BE domains

Similar to .AT, the Kingdom of Belgium assigned domain – .BE, has been lately gathering popularity as a good choice for registering web addresses that carry a strong advertising phrase. The advertising power of .BE domains is really amazing since the personal feel of ‘be’ makes the phrase sound more personal and hence more call-to-action like to the site visitors (happy.be, cool.be, .free.be, etc.).

The .BE domain is wide open for registration, with no local or any special restrictions to owning .BE domains. No matter which country you are from or in which country you currently reside – you can freely register your .BE domain for personal or commercial purposes.

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