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Our distributed DNS system is now in all data centers

We are happy to let you know that our custom built distributed DNS system is now mounted on all data centers that we are working with. We have managed to build a well balanced self-sustainable system that merges the DNS cluster setups in our three data centers in London, Chicago and Sydney.

This new-generation DNS system boasts a few key advantages:

      • DNS balance – the three server clusters communicate constantly, exchanging the latest updates to the DNS settings of your websites.
      • DNS redundancy – in the event of a connection problem with any of our data centers, the clusters in the other two will collect all incoming requests without any delay.
      • DNS speedup – if there is a request coming from the UK and the nearby region, the request will be picked up by the DNS cluster in our¬†British data center, instead of having to go all the way to the US and back.

All those updates are aimed at bringing a sensible impact on your websites’ loading speeds.

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