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Learn the basics of MySQL and PostgreSQL hosting with our new videos

The revolution in dynamic content is today based on the ever-improving database technologies underlying websites. Most of the sites now rely on SQL databases (MySQL or PostgreSQL databases) and PHP scripting to smoothly handle their continuous flow of information updates and onsite requests. How well your dynamic sites and applications operate is largely due to the choice of a database solution and a web hosting service that you make prior to launching you site.

Check out our new videos on the main factors for choosing a secure and stable SQL database hosting solution for your information-loaded online projects.

MySQL hosting video – it outlines the main advantages of a MySQL database and how to get a fully-featured MySQL optimized hosting service for your particular needs.

PostgreSQL hosting video- here you can learn more about the most popular free alternative to powerful corporate database applications and how you can get a low-cost PostgreSQL Hosting service in a few clicks.

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